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Activities and Projects


The activities of the Strategic Pediatric Alliance consortium are developed in form of projects promoted, discussed and shared by the representatives of Associations, Societies and Confederations active in the consortium.


In peril of change: Letter to European countries by the Strategic Pediatric Alliance



Questionnaire on Pediatric Primary Care in Europe

The Strategic Pediatric Alliance promoted a Questionnaire on Pediatric Primary Care in Europe. The results will be presented and discussed at the SPA meeting Prague in May 2012.  The aim of this questionnaire was twofold: (a) to collect information on the current status of pediatric primary care in Europe and (b) to gain an in-depth understanding of what are the new responsibilities that the international community of pediatricians must assume towards todays’ children who are living in a society undergoing profound and constant changes where, among other things, the primary care pediatrician is at risk of progressively disappearing.


The results from the questionnaire will be instrumental in delineating a Position Paper and a discussion on what should be the next steps to take in order to establish effective relations between the “Alliance”, representing the main Pediatric European Organizations, and the relevant EU institutions that will be needed in order to create strong and effective political interventions and advocacy for the children of Europe.